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Lower Little Miami River Watershed

Scenario 2 - Consequences of Watershed Growth Over Time

Scenario 2

Increased Urbanization with Land Use Mitigation Efforts

Addressing some of the consequences of increased urbanization with land use mitigation efforts results in a reduced amount of water quality degradation in the Lower Little Miami River watershed over the next 50 years. The current status remains throughout the first 10 years and is only minimally altered in 20 years. At 30 years, the more sensitive areas approach poor to very poor condition while the more northern sections appear less affected. Significant change is evident as early as 30 years, but by 40-year and 50-year markers, the once very good to fair quality is approximated at predominately very poor to poor.

Current Status 10 Years 20 Years
30 Years 40 Years 50 Years

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