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Great Miami and Loramie Creek Watershed

Scenario 2 - Consequences of Watershed Growth Over Time

Scenario 2

Increased Urbanization with Land Use Mitigation Efforts

Addressing some of the consequences of increased urbanization with land use mitigation efforts results in a limited amount of water quality degradation in the Great Miami over the next 50 years. The upper section, already in mostly poor condition, eventually degrades into mostly very poor condition. It takes, however, 40 years before the majority of that upper section declines to a very poor water quality state. The middle section is able to retain its current very good and exceptional water quality status with mitigation efforts. The lower right section of the watershed experiences a slight degradation after 40 years from a very good to good water quality classification.

Current Status 10 Years 20 Years
30 Years 40 Years 50 Years

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