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Great Miami and Loramie Creek Watershed

Final Impact Forecasts

Comparison of End Results (After 50 Years)

The comparison of the three scenarios at the end of 50 years with each other and against the current status reveals interesting trends and insights. It is obvious that unregulated growth provides no protection against water quality decline throughout the watershed. Mitigation and mitigation plus growth control measures are able to stem the decline to varying levels. In all three scenarios, the upper section of the Great Miami watershed declines somewhat in water quality by the 50 year forecast. Mitigation efforts and mitigation efforts in conjunction with growth controls affect both the rate and the degree of decline. At best, the upper section will only experience further degradation in two portions of the section if growth control and mitigation efforts are employed.

Current Status Scenario 1
Scenario 2
Scenario 3
Mitigation &
Growth Control

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